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Acupuncture Treatments for Headaches
acupuncture for headaches
acupuncture for neck pain
Atlas acupuncture treatments are painless!
Acupuncture for Headaches and migraines often provides positive results and pain relief is often achieved for many Solihull and Birmingham customers.  Neck pain and stiffness responds well to acupuncture treatment
Solihull acupuncturist Cherry Richards
Tension headaches
Atlas acupuncture treatments in Solihull West Midlands can help with headaches and migraines.  Tension, stress, work pressures, lack of sleep, financial worries and anxiety are all conditions that can trigger headaches.  Dehydration and alcohol abuse will also give rise to a headache or hangover as will hormonal changes such as pregnancy or the monthly menstrual cycle.  Headache and migraine conditions respond well to acupuncture.

There are of course more serious conditions of pathology which can cause headaches, but these thankfully are less common and would normally be continual and unremitting, keeping the individual awake at night.  If this is the case a visit to your GP is recommended.

Acupuncture for tension headaches are effective as it can address the cause of your tension.  Often lifestyle and personal   homelife situations can effect the daily stress levels and add tension to your daily life.  Acupuncture treatment can help you iron out some of these stressful symptoms and reduce the frequency of the headaches.